Optimal Performance
in All Terrains.

Designed to maximize overall performance, the turbine-powered Sherpa 650T provides unprecedented short-field performance in a rugged package that can adapt to wheels, skis, or floats.

From transporting to loitering, the 346-gallon fuel capacity boosts your mission capabilities with 3000 lb of useful load and up to 8 hours of flight time.

K650T Information


Power Plant:
Fuel Capacity:

Weights & Loadings

Empty Weight:
Max Takeoff Weight:
Max Wing Loading:
Max Power Loading:
Useful Load:

Performance @ 5,000 lbs

Takeoff Distance:
Landing Distance:
Rate of Climb:
Stall Speed:


TPE331-5 (840 HP)
TPE331-10 (1000 HP)
346 US gallons
8 Seats with Aft Baggage
29x11x10 or
35” Alaskan Bushwheels


3,500 lbs
6,500 lbs
20.63 lbs/sq ft
8.66 lbs/hp
3,000 lbs


102 ft
120 ft
1,900 fpm
30 mph

Performance @ 6,500 lbs

Cruise Speed:
Economy Cruise:
Stall Speed:
Rate of Climb:
Service Ceiling:
Takeoff Distance:
Landing Distance:

Exterior Dimensions

Wing Span:
Wing Chord:
Wing Aspect Ratio:
Tail Plane Span:
Wheel Track:
Propeller Clearance:
Propeller Diameter:
Cabin Door Height:
Cargo Door Width:
Baggage Door:

Interior Dimensions

Cabin Volume:
Baggage Compartment:


188 mph
174 mph
34 mph
1,400 fpm
25,000 ft
336 ft
240 ft
1,256 mi


47 ft 6 in
6 ft 8 in
34 ft 1 in
9 ft 9 in
18 ft 3 in
8 ft 10 in
3 ft 1 in (3-point)
1 ft 7 in (level)
116 in (3-Blade)
3 ft 7 in
5 ft 1 in
1 ft 8 in x 2 ft 6 in


220 cu ft
7.5 cu ft

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